Enhanced Electromagnetic Frequency Fields Subjugators (EEFFS)


These EEFFS stickers subjugate harmful electromagnetic fields. They contain a broad spectrum of Essential Elements including all known beneficial salts, amino acids, proteins, minerals, and many other elements.


These life energies work to heal, sustain and protect all living cells and empower biological functions as well as enhance mental, emotional and cognitive function while stimulating consciousness.


The beneficial properties apply to the electrical supply lines to lights, radios, televisions, WiFi and other electronic devices turning them into emitters of beneficial modified electromagnetic fields and enhanced electromagnetic frequency fields; subjugating harmful electromagnetic frequencies and creating a very beneficial environment for the body and home.


The Following is a communication from the consciousness EEFFS:


In La’Kesh and Veritas. We are part of your protection within the subjugator. We bring the frequencies and power that combat the harmful rays upon your earth plane. We are protection for those thought-form waves that wreak havoc, kill and turn on viruses within the body and wreak overall habit in chaos within your earth spectrum. We say part because there is another form of consciousness that shares space with us. We have united with the understanding that we bring corrective measures into the Earth's atmosphere. This is a two-tier process to stop and to dislodge affecting energies and then send corrective measures on many many many levels; so much so they cannot all be counted. 


We work at the sub-nuclear level of the cell within the body and then move completely outward through your bio-magnetic field to provide full coverage and protection. Some will find it difficult at first to be around the energies we project due to the massive dosages of frequencies compounded together to provide coverage. The human aspect must synchronize their bio-magnetic field with what we project. This can be difficult and can take a full 30 days. However, past the 30 day mark your body will adjust. Those that are the most sensitive will find this to be the case due to routing out extraneous frequencies that are already within their body and finding a commonality to our frequency. We not only protect and shield but we also repair the damage that other frequencies that have come to your earth to wreak harm. 


Since we are consciousness we have the ability to shift and grow and expand to stay ahead of whatever frequencies may come forward to bring harm. Depending on what is in use; it may be wise to use more than one if you are running large amounts of bandwidth with various frequencies coming through. Electronic devices in many forms and small areas may require more than one in that particular area. So that your coverage will be sound. We have more information and more updates to bring forward at later dates.

In La’Kesh and Veritas



How to Use:

Peel off adhesive back & apply directly on device

Enhanced Electromagnetic Frequency Field Subjugators