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Immerse your self in the earthy healing aroma of these "Cambodian Sacred Woods".


Perfect for meditation, yoga, energy work, clearing and simply making your surroundings smell amazing!


QALBI ( Clarity Frequency ) Energetic Properties:




Sacred wood is sourced from the Agar Trees in the far east. These trees grow particularly in the rain forests of Indonesia, Cambodia, Borneo and many other regions of south east Asia. When this tree is attacked by certain fungi in its heartwood, the tree responds to this attack by bringing forth the will to fight for its own existence by releasing a resin to defend itself. This is where the magic happens. This resin on the inside of the tree gives rise to the formation of resinous heartwood which is known as Oud.


When we burn this wood that has been infused with the magical Oud resin which contains the properties of the powerful healing process enacted to protect is life, we are in essence gaining access to that same level of protection for ourselves and our environment!


Smoke is a clear communication channel with the spirit world -- literally a smoke signal straight to other dimensions. It holds, carries and enhances our intentions imprinted upon and contained within the smoke. So we encourage you to be in relationship with the sacred wood. Speak to the sacred wood, Instructing the smoke to imprint your space with the inherent frequencies. Smoke has such powerful metaphysical properties. It is not an understatement to say that every time you have a Sacred wood burning, you are in-touch with other realms. 


Communication from the Consciousness of QALBI :


  • I am the one who activates direction and purpose
  • I have been used by scholars, assisting them to bring forth revelations that were sometimes blocked or interfered
  • Use me when you have important decisions to make
  • I help to bring forth the clarity you need
  • I have assisted many scholars bring forth many discoveries that has assisted humanity
  • I am a great adjunct to be used in a study area as I will assist in stimulating you in the completion of the desired task you seek.




  • Place wood in burner of choice
  • Light wood with torch/ flame, 
  • Ask smoke to imprint inherent frequencies into your space
  • Feel the frequency! 

Qalbi Sacred Wood (CLARITY)

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