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Making all your space sacred space, everyone, your business, and home needs an energetic House Cleaning Periodically. Clearing is a raising of frequency of the person, place, or thing; high enough to actualize dynamic mobilization with heightened action potential.

Yes, professional clearing is a good idea if:

You are moving into a new home

Selling a home


Changing roommates

Working on self improvement

Feel unpleasant sensations in certain areas or around objects or people

There are toxic or stagnant imprints around

Notice restrictiveness

If you are reluctant to go around or to a location

Experience irritation or loathing whenever you interact with a person or place

When you experience cold spaces in a room or place

Objects moving, disappearing, or appearing

Lights and electrical issues

History of unfortunate incidents and/or "bad luck and accidents"

Feeling that something is interfering with you

Notice that you have disturbing thoughts and feelings that only happen around certain places, objects or people

Have disruption of any kind

Have difficulty growing plants in house or certain rooms

Some energy is so strong it forms palpable sentience - self perpetuating entity capable of trapping more energy from it's own thought form. This is when you would benefit from a professional clearing.

Quantum Light Property Clearing

SKU: 0003
  • All clearing is done remotely. 

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