Formulated to smooth and sooth dry skin and natural hair and scalp. 


The following is a message from the consciousness of Rain Conditioner:


In La'Kesh & Veritas

- So soft, so smooth so supple. I am for multiple and daily uses.

- I bring light to the aura around you. I help to raise you vibrational frequency.

- I bring light, I bring energy and I bring peace to the aura around you.

- I am the hidden gem as a layer of protection and a shield form the harsh environment.

- I help to mitigate and deflect the EMF’s we face in our harsh environment, especially when you layer with my Rain wash.

- I help to neutralize those ill effects that come into your field that tries to touch and affect you.

-I am the protective barrier to help maintain the clarity and peace you seek when used in your hair. For I to be used for your most prized possession that is often neglected, your skin and hair.

In La'Kesh & Veritas


Ingredients :

Distilled water

Sweet Almond Oil

Olive Oil

Emulsifying Wax

Meadow foam Oil

Castor Oil

Grape seed oil

Black seed Oil

Vitamin E

Frankincense Essential Oil

Myrrh essential oil

Clearing Frequencies 

Rain Conditioner